Why Hire an Editor

Hiring a professional editor relieves you of the stress of worrying if you found all of those pesky errors, such as using “you” when you really wanted to say “your,”  or omitting an apostrophe, quotation marks, or whole words. Editors also look for inconsistencies in scenes and styles, and offer suggestions to improve your work.

Client Satisfaction

My WIP was so much improved by the talent and skills of Bee Love, whom I hired as editor at a reasonable cost, and am very happy I did so. She made my rewrite so much tighter and although rewriting is never a breeze, it was made much easier by Bee's editing. Bee paid attention to the most minor items in the story as well as a major overview, to avoid contradictions and created a much better manuscript with her word use and grammar. She obviously has an advanced knowledge of the English language, both in America and England. Her edits were easy to follow and her suggestions succinct nd invaluable. I would recommend Bee Love to any serious author hoping to improve their work for publication. Bee is also pleasant to work with and respects the author's point of view.   

             ~ Kenna McKinnon, author of Engaging the Dragon

You've Written A Book. Now What?

Writing the book is the easy part. You came up with a great idea and scribed the magnificent words into the dream you've always wished to create. Like raising a child, you've caressed, nursed, and nurtured your written work into a mature piece of literature. You are ready to release your baby into the big world.


Well, almost.


Sure, you can proofread your own work, looking for typos and plot holes. I promise you that no matter how many times you read your own work, you will still find mistakes - a missing period or a misplaced word. I’ve been there. The writer’s mind naturally fills in what should be correct. You wrote it, after all.

All too often, authors release their works with dozens of, well . . . embarrassing errors.



As your editor, I will focus my attention to detail on your work with a fresh perspective. With a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing and years' worth of experience in writing and editing varieties of copy, you can trust that I will spend the time to spot those tiny mistakes in punctuation, grammar, and consistency often overlooked.


I will take the time to read your work thoroughly with an eye for detail, pinpointing the common traps and seeking out the minutiae that will take your work up a notch.


I understand that hiring an editor may seem daunting when it comes to price. While you will see suggested rates on my site, you can rest assured that I will be happy to work within your budget. My goal is to help you realize the fullest potential of your work. All you have to do is ask.


It's that simple.

Open Dialogue

Work with an editor that is friendly and knowledgable.

Any questions about rates, process, or the comments I've noted in your work, I'd love to chat about it. I'm here to help you write at your best.
Email: editorbee@gmail.com