It's a Team Effort


As the author, take a thorough pass at proofreading and editing. Thank about what to improve and what needs to left behind. Think of me as the clean-up crew. 


Don't let your book run too long. 75,000 words should be enough to relate the story you have in mind.  I will work with writings of any size up to 150,000. If the book is longer, consider splitting the story into two or more books.

If you need help cutting a book down to size, I'll be happy to show you where to cut. Need to fatten it up, I'll suggest where and what to add and leave the writing up to you.


When submitting a project, I may ask for the middle or last 5 pages of the work. The first 5 pages are usually perfect because you've read them a couple-dozen times. The middle pages give a more accurate image of what level of editing needs to be achieved.


You don't have to make all of my suggested changes when it comes to content editing. I don't want to rewrite your book for you, but I'm here to make suggestions to improve the flow and readability so your readers don't lose interest. If you want to know why I suggested it, just ask.


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