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If you have chanced to look upon the education page, you know that I have a Bachelor's degree in English and Creative Writing, giving you confidence that I have what it takes to edit your work with the right knowledge and experience.

I've rounded out that education with several courses in various subjects, some in writing and genre studies and others such as paleontology and psychology. I believe that continuing to learn about a variety of topics keeps the mind limber and creative. Moreover, continuing education keeps me on top of current techniques and styles.

To advance my education, I pursued and have now completed a Master's degree in Library Science and Information Management, concentrating on archives and preservation. It was an intense two-year program, summers included. You may take a gander at my degree portfolio. I'm more than happy to be finished.

With this degree, I plan on obtaining a position in a library or archive in the state of Hawai'i where I now live. My dedication to my clients is still strong! Please continue to send me your works to be nurtured and molded into the perfect displays of your story-telling style. My calendar is open for the coming months of 2019, ready to take on new challenges.

Happy Writing and Happy Holidays!

*Photo: Bee Love, MLIS, at Kailua Beach, O'ahu, Hawai'i

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