When Editing Goes Badly

As writers, you know that getting editing and proofreading is essential before your work becomes public. No matter how well you understand grammar, punctuation, and storytelling, having extra eyes read your work ensures that you don't put it out there with "silly" mistakes like misspelled words and extra periods. The editing process also helps fine-tune and enhance the overall work, giving it polish and professionalism. I've heard from several people in the last year who selected an editor (not this one), paid for the service, and then felt the disappointment of poor return on investment. The work was returned missing obvious corrections, having incorrect changes, and lacked the finesse of finding those buried errors that can be overlooked, particularly the issue of consistency. How many times have you read a passage in a book where a character leaves the room and yet, two sentences later, they are still included in the dialogue? Another example is the spelling of character names that aren't consistent throughout the story. I won't mention the names of these vendors, but it disappointments me that they charge a mint to sweep an author's hard-won work with a cheap spell-checker and don't spend the time to read it line by line and to validate their work. If this has happened to you, let me help. I offer a discount for re-editing the work of another vendor. You've already paid a lot to be dissatisfied. You deserve a break. Why do I offer this service? I do so with the confidence that you'll be happy with the result, and when you finish your next book, you know where to find the service you need for a polished product. Plus, happy clients talk to other writers. Spread the word!

Editing is a team effort. Our chances of success are better when we work together.

Have a Happy New Year!

Bee Love

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